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Jeanette Smith has been passionate about horticulture since she was young.  She has a Bachelors degree in Horticulture from Virginia Tech and over 30 years experience in viticulture, the science of wine grape production.  She is the president of VineSmith LLC, a vineyard services company serving grape growers in the Mid-Atlantic.  But flowers have always held a special place in Jeanette’s heart.  When she purchased the 100-acre parcel known as Cabin Hill Farm in 2004, she envisioned field of flowers complementing the beautiful mountain views.  Together with hardworking team members Blanca Pacheco and Adriana Sorto-Rojas, Jeanette spends long hours fulfilling that dream.  At the end of a long, hot day, Jeanette enjoys sitting on the deck with a glass of wine admiring the beauty that God has graced upon Cabin Hill Farm.

Blanca Pacheco joined Cabin Hill Farm in April 2016.  She is the most conscientious and hardest-working person on the planet.  Blanca does most of the seeding, transplanting and harvesting at Cabin Hill Farm, but she readily admits that her favorite thing to do is make bouquets.  And she makes spectacular bouquets.  When she’s not at the farm, Blanca spends time with her son Pablo and daughter Bianca.  Blanca is also an incredible cook.  Her tamales are to die for.

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